Minesweeper 3D

Minesweeper3D screenshot

This 3D Minesweeper game was created after a conversation with a couple of guys at work. It sounded like an interesting idea, so I thought I'd see how well it worked.

Recently I rediscovered the code and cleaned it up a bit. I finally decided it was good enough to put a license on it and let other people play it. To that end, I've created this page and placed the code under the GPL version 3. See the README and COPYING files for more information.

There's really not much to explain except that it's regular minesweeper, extended to three dimensions. Being in three dimensions makes it surprisingly more difficult, but otherwise it's about the same.

Due to lack of interest on my part, I'm only releasing the source code. As far as I know, the only requirements for building it are Qt version 4.0+ and OpenGL.

More information, such as how to get the code and build it, can be found in the README file in the Subversion repository.

To look at or download the code without Subversion, go here.

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